Flavia Faas, (anagram of Fafalin-Zasasa da Okvis), born in a swamp in rural Scandanavia in 1988, grew up with her parents, grandparents, sister and two brothers on a goat farm. Each summer the whole family would travel around Europe with their family flamenco and circus show “Los Satunnaisia Jyrsijät”, which achieved great succes around the eastern countries, and even performed live in Jamoash Plovic’s television show “Krecci z Vesmíru” in 1997.

This performance caught the attention of famous Mongolian composer and lute player Tulev Pagham who happened to be working in (former) Czechoslovakia at the time, and he invited Flavia to audition for his new opera “Dan Weisheme” (“But why?”).
She got the part of the Spanish princess Pilar and travelled with the company around north-eastern Asia for over two years.

Longing for home, she went back to work at the farm after the tour.
The family circus was playing less frequently every year, because Flavia’s elder brother, who had been the lead guitar player, had chosen to walk the path of a Finair steward, so he was seldomly there to practice, but also because their grandfather, who due to his decreasing eyesight and unstable, recently acquired wooden leg, was not considered fit enough, despite his enthousiasm, to perform his usually so crowdpleasing knife throwing act anymore.

After 1824 days of bailing hay and making goats’ cheese, Flavia felt the urge to climb on stage once more. She left home to make a career in music and dance, starting in a tiny little flat in Dublin.
She made a living playing at piano bars, silent movies, dancing at night clubs with DJ- and performance collective “Yes Coinin Yes!”, and working as an assistent at the accountancy department of chocolate- and cereal factory Blasta.

Alone in her flat she recorded her first demo cd “Fairytales with facial hair”, which suddenly sold 8000 copies all over Ireland.
Getting airplay on the European continent as well, Flavia even scored a number 12 hit in the German charts and a number 26 in Portugal with the song “Rebel Vacuum Cleaner”.
She won the Liberated Pet’s Award for Best Live Act Ever in 2012 and was casted for two Swiss musical films that will be shot next year.

In 2013 Flavia launched her debut album “Love, Death & Vegetables” in Paradiso, Amsterdam and she is currently studying traditional Chinese medicine.